In the grim darkness of the mire you can hear the screeching of violins and witness the dancing of shadows. Folkrim are spearheading forth an era of folk-infused death metal mayhem. 

What started as a one man project from the dark solitude of Finland’s western coast has now grown in to a fully formed heavy metal tumor. FOLKRIM, as a band, is finally here and ready to spread fear. 

FOLKRIM – consisting of the drummer Eetu Ritakorpi, guitarists Iiro Sarman & Otto Hyvärinen, bassist Viktor Suominen and front man Erno Helander – have forged a sound defining album that will set them apart from their peers. ’EMBERS’ is a twisted tale of descent, beginning with a shipwreck, winding it’s way through decaying marshlands and ending in a grand epic of destruction. ’EMBERS’ is one album you really don’t want to miss. 

With songs ranging from the thrashy death metal jaunt of BOTTLE OF POISON, to the jazz-influenced chugfest of SUOHERRAN HOVI, ’EMBERS’ is sure to have a tune to fit your liking. Rising to its own pedestal in this unholy amalgamation is the epic namesake of the album and the closing song ’EMBERS’. With haunting melodies, gigantic choirs and heart-wrenching screams it is by far the most massive undertaking the band has set out to craft – yet. 

The future awaits… but do you dare to face the dangers on the way? 



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Upcoming Dates

18.05.2024 Viihdekeskus Pasila, Eura

05.07.2024 Riga (TBA)

06.07.2024 Rock Club Tapper, Tallinn EE


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